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  Raymond MICHA (Stavelot 1910 - Stavelot 2006)

RAYMOND MICHARaymond Micha was born in Stavelot in 1910 and studied with his father and his uncle, with Joseph Jongen as his consellor. He obtained the diploma that gave him access to musical teaching at State Schools and he was a teacher of music at the Public Secondary Schools in Stavelot, Spa and Malmedy. He conducted numerous wind bands and choirs. His fresh and spontaneous, clever and harmonious compositions were highly appreciated and it is hardly surprising to notice the furtive appearance of the soft and passionate light cast by Gabriel Fauré. The melody is the domain favoured by raymond Micha. We discover here a total faithfullness to the work of the poet and to the suggestions of the verse, also a very real concern aimed at supporting the human voice with the accompaniment that confirms without ever uselessly encumbering the poetic context.

    Philippe Bayard
Translated by Luc Van Loock
Photo : Jean-Jacques Rousseau