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The purpose of our company, since it was set up in 1993, has been to offer high quality music-engraving. We produce computer-assisted music-setting, in page format. We offer two main services :

  1. We publish modern music, principally by Belgian composers, for a vast range of instrumental groups and purposes (strings, wood, brass, small ensembles, music-training, etc.). We also publish a selection of interesting arrngements. We invite you to consult our interactive on-line catalogue, which lets you view samples on screen, download and even print out sample pages of all the music we publish. Recently, we offer to our customers the possibility of ordering the pdf version of our editions. These files can be purchased and downloaded on the site of, an external retailer. By clicking the tab " MyPartitor " above, you will find the complete on-line shop of Any possible purchase from you will be treated by

  2. Our music engraving workshop is also available to anyone (composers, orchestras, music schools and conservatories, music publishers, as well as the general public) who needs professional standard music-setting. Over the years we have built up an expertise that guarantees the highest quality results, from a simple melody line (with or without lyrics) through the most complex of contemporary music. We are able to offer this thanks to the happy combination of expert engravers, professional music engraving programs and high-quality digital printing.

The program we use is Finale® by MakeMusic
&emdash; the acknowledged world leader for professional computer music engraving.