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 The art of music engraving…


Music-engraving (even if nowadays it is almost exclusively being done on computer) belongs to a long and venerable tradition. Basic music printing has been made accessible to the general public, thanks to the widespread use of home computers, ink-jet printers and the availability of various inexpensive and rather basic computer programs. However, very few people actively involved in music are satisfied with the results. This is because music engraving is an art that requires more than being able to use a computer keyboard.

Since our company was set up in 1993, we have engraved over 400 pieces of music for various music publishers throughout the world, for orchestras, for composers and for performers. We have equipped ourselves with the very best in music-engraving technology, and this, added to the advantages offered by modern digital printing, means we can offer superb quality results. Over the years we have built up an expertise that guarantees the highest quality results, whether the music be a simple melody line (with or without lyrics) or the most complex of contemporary music. We are able to offer this thanks to the happy combination of expert engravers, professional music-engraving programs and high-quality digital printing.

Our engraving workshop is available to all interested clients (composers, music schools, orchestras, music publishers, performers, etc.). On sight of your manuscript we will offer a fixed overall costing, and a delivery date.

More exact details of the various services we offer follow below, as well as a guide to our prices. You will also find examples of music that we have engraved for our clients. We have also created several music fonts to be used with the Finale® music program. You can purchase one or more of the 12 fonts that we have developed in the course of our years of service to music professionals.