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  Submitting manuscripts for publication...

Please do not hesitate to submit your own compositions for publication by us, if you feel that they correspond to our catalog.

We do publish :-)

  • music for piano and organ
  • music for strings, classical guitar and harp
  • music for wood, brass and classical saxophone
  • chamber music (from duets to sextets, in any combination of instruments)
  • songs and choral music (a cappella or accompanied)

We do not publish :-(

  • jazz, rock, pop or folk music
  • symphonic orchestra scores
  • opera
  • wind-band / fanfare / brass-band arrangements.

We suggest :

  1. If you would like to submit your compositions to us for publication, choose a few of your works (two or three) and submit them to other people for their opinion: a composer, no matter how good, is never the best judge of his or her own work. In the first instance, submit shorter compositions, for piano or chamber music arrangements, rather than long and more complicated compositions.
  2. Send copies of your music to us by post. Never send the originals &emdash; they might get lost in the post. We do not accept submissions for publication by fax or by email.
  3. It is useful (but not essential) to enclose a short CV and a list of works you have composed, especially if some of these are already published.
  4. You must be able to affirm that these are your orginal composition. Copying &emdash; whether deliberate or accidental &emdash; is illegal and can lead to the composer being very heavily fined. Quotations within a composition are allowed, but only where these are clearly acknowledged and in some cases this will require the express and written consent of the original copyright holder.
  5. If the composition is a song and the words are not in the public domain, then the composer must be able to prove that he or she has the permission of the author (or the person who owns the copyright on the text).
  6. Be sure that your composition is in its final form, ready for publication. Are you really sure that this is the definitive version, and that you do not want to make any adjustments ? Changes are possible once engraving has begun, but they can make life difficult for the engraver. Any changes made to already engraved portions will necessarily involve an extra cost.
  7. Please say in an accompanying letter if the work has been or is likely to be recorded on CD or played in concert.
  8. Be patient! We follow the standard publishing practice of sending your work out for evaluation, which requires a minimum of one or two months. Once a work is accepted for publication, it will be timetabled into our program of publishing. The average lapse of time between acceptance and publication is six months. If we decide not to publish, you will be informed within two months of its submission.
  9. If we decide to publish, then we take on all the engraving and printing costs. We will send you a draft contract, which will detail the royalty remuneration you will receive.
  10. We can also rework music already set using Finale®, Encore® or SmartScore® (for both Mac and PC). In such cases, you can submit your work on floppy disk. We are unable to reprocess music set on any other program.

Our adress is :

Edition musicale BAYARD-NIZET
c/o Mme Nicole NIZET
6, rue des Ecoles


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